The Missing Link to Physical Health

6th – 8th October

The Missing Link to Physical Health

A two-day Immersion into the Three Principles and their effect on the Physical Body

with Mick Tomlinson and Katja Symons

If you have been impacted by the Three Principles and are interested in how this understanding also applies on the physical level, then this might be for you! Whether you struggle with your own physical health or are interested in making your sharing of the 3Ps more powerful, we are going to point to another Truth of this transformational understanding that is rarely spoken about…

  • Imagine getting over physical issues like we get over emotional upsets
  • Imagine your wellbeing does not depend on your physical symptoms and to be okay with whatever is happening in your body
  • Imagine to be able to sort out health issues by yourself until wisdom tells you to go to your doctor
  • Imagine we all knew that physical health is our natural default setting just like mental health and emotional freedom

We are all human and as humans we will run into health challenges just as we will run into low moods and thought storms. The Three Principles explain how we are creating our experience moment by moment via Mind, Consciousness and Thought. How we experience our body and any ‘dis ease’ is created in the exact same way and the level of our understanding determines the degree to which we suffer, stress or struggle.

On a deeper level we are ultimately the creators of our bodies and everything that’s going on within. To insightfully realise the Truth of this for yourself is the Missing Link to Physical Health and not only enables you to live in wellbeing independently from the state of your health but also allows you to tap into the limitless potential of Natural Healing.

  • Imagine trusting your own inner wisdom more than any opinion or view of any health professional
  • Imagine what kind of impact the benefits of such depth of understanding and the resulting peace of mind would have on the quality of your personal life – and on the lives of your loved ones
  • Imagine the extent to which you would be able to help your clients in empowering them to access their natural self-healing abilities also on the physical level
  • Think about what kind of impact such understanding had on our society


If you would like to benefit from expanding your understanding of Physical Health and Natural Healing, come and join us for a Two-day Immersion Retreat and realise another Missing Link!

We will be sharing what we have come to see of the nature of human health as well as sharing lots of our personal experiences how the Three Principles play out in our physical bodies! This retreat is created to provide a safe space so that Truth can come to the surface to be consciously recognised while we will be pointing you to what you already know deep inside, that Natural Health is our default setting.

When: 6th-8th October 2014
Where: Hotel Rober Palas in Albir, Spain (Alicante airport)
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What are these three nights and two days in sunny Spain with Mick Tomlinson and Katja Symons going to look like:

  • Get together on Monday evening 6th October 2014
  • 7th & 8th October 2014: two full days of immersion in the feeling of our Natural Health
  • Meetings 9.30 – 13.30, lunch break, plus 15.00 – 17.30
  • Option to connect and hang out together in the evenings
  • All inclusive: Accommodation (3 nights in private room), breakfast, lunch, dinner, and refreshments (with healthy and unhealthy snacks)
  • Transformational teachings, connection with your true Self and with each other!

During this retreat you will find…

– Access to your innate Body Wisdom
– The magical connection of thought-feeling-physical expression in your experience
– The one simple message any health issue transmits
– The key to Natural Healing from Within

The understanding we will be sharing gives you the opportunity to realise your Natural Health and to get into the flow of Natural Healing.

We will explore…

  • Switching the focus to Health and what you can do rather than what you can’t
  • What Health is and where it comes from
  • The potential for regeneration, renewal – and see how the body continuously rebuilds itself
  • How we limit our natural potential for health with our (mostly subconscious) thinking
  • Our capacity to experience the body in a new way in any given moment
  • How we can unhook any meaning we have given to our health challenge
  • The moment to moment nature of Life and to see the potential for physical change more clearly

As with any Three Principles event, this will be tailored to individual needs as questions arise. Between the meetings there will also be lots of opportunities to speak about personal issues with either Mick and/or Katja.

How will you benefit personally

  • Improved physical health through deepening your own understanding
  • Less time, effort and money spent looking after your health issues
  • Self-care for your own health becomes more natural and obvious
  • Improved wellbeing and quality of life above and beyond the state of your physical health
  • Waking up to the Health inside you prevents future issues
  • Be more in your own flow because you have faith in how Life guides you
  • Experience your body in a totally new way

How will you help to benefit your family, friends and clients

  • You’ll be able to empower others through your focus on Health
  • Seeing Health in others stimulates Natural Healing in them
  • You’ll be more of a support for everybody you care for
  • Not getting lost in the story of someone facing health challenges makes it easier and more possible to help
  • Including the physical body in your understanding will naturally touch everyone around you


Early bird (till 31 August):   €397 plus 21% sales tax
Regular ticket:   €597 plus 21% sales tax
(payment is via bank transfer or Paypal)


Special BONUS GIFT for the first six bookings!
We are giving an additional one-to-one coaching session
with either Mick or Katja via Skype before the retreat!
“Energy & Wellbeing” session with Mick, or a
“Secret to Health” session with Katja

What else is included

  • 3 nights of accommodation in a private room with full board in Hotel Rober Palas in Albir, Spain as well as refreshments/snacks during coffee breaks
  • 2 days of Immersion meetings with Mick Tomlinson and Katja Symons
  • Free participation in a monthly ‘Insight to Healing’ Zoom Forum with Mick Tomlinson and/or Katja Symons
  • Participation in a closed ‘Insight to Healing’ Facebook group
  • Option to stay longer for a holiday at a very reasonable rate of €35 per person per night with full board. The Rober Palas Hotel in Albir is a great 3 star hotel on the Costa Blanca on mainland Spain within a 5-minute walk to the beach and 2 minutes to shops and restaurants (there are other hotels in the area but none offers such a good deal).

Note: Flights are not included. Transfers from/to Alicante airport are from €8 per person each way.

If you would like more information please contact Mick or Katja by email at or Or to book now click here:



😉 Sunshine is already ordered (fingers crossed, the weather is usually beautiful in October), so it would be advisable to bring swim wear. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our first ever retreat of this kind!

To your Natural Health and with all our love,

Mick Tomlinson & Katja Symons