A New Approach to Physical Health


Within the Three Principles understanding we came to realise Innate Health at the emotional and mental level. Why should it be any different at the physical level? Is the body not also ‘something’ that gets created through Mind, Consciousness and Thought? How else can it be created if ‘everything’ comes from ‘nothing’?

Even if it is really hard to recognise, just the willingness to think it might be possible that those Three Principles also create our physical being, opens the door to new insights. Looking in that direction allows us to include the body and its symptoms in our understanding of how we create 100% of our experience moment by moment.

Many people who came across the Three Principles report that their physical health improved without ‘doing’ anything. When our mind starts to relax we naturally come into a more healthy flow of fresh thought delivered by our own creative powers. Still, most of our thinking remains subconscious, even when at times we consciously recognise certain ‘insights’. But sometimes we experience a ‘shift’ without knowing what changed and we don’t need to know either to fully benefit from it. This natural flow of new thinking, whether we are aware of it or not, not only brings emotional and mental wellbeing but also healing on the physical level. Physical health is, just like peace of mind, our natural default setting – it is before any thought can contaminate the pure conscious state we are all born with.

Even if we can’t yet completely see that, this understanding is working to our physical benefit anyway, because it reduces stress and tension, which are said to be the main causes for ill health. Every fibre of our body responds to our emotional and mental wellbeing moment by moment. It is so powerful that we say “laughing is the best medicine” and this understanding is the key to a relaxed mind allowing us to regain health on every level… in the most natural way.