An invitation to see another dimension of Health from Within

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Regain health by recognising the link between your Three Principles understanding and the physical body. Recognising how the forms and patterns of our thoughts manifest in the body enables us to reconnect to our self-righting system when it appears to have deserted us.

These days, most people agree that stress is a key cause of ill-health. From a Three Principles understanding, we know that stress doesn’t come from the outside. Insight to Healing joins the dots between those two facts to give you a deeper understanding of the link between mind and body.

You can’t make an insight happen – but you can put yourself in the right environment where it’s most likely to occur. All that is required to reconnect to our full healing potential is a willingness to connect Insight to our own physical health, not just to our emotional wellbeing. Life itself takes care of the rest.

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