Realise Health Sessions

Personal 2 to 1 Coaching with Mick and Katja

The most powerful online coaching we offer. During our joint sessions we create a safe environment for transformative Insight to Healing. Three minds are looking at a presenting issue through the lens of self-healing. By looking in this direction together and creating the space for new possibilities, your innate Health will become apparent. Once recognised, the healing process has already started.

Depending on the subject matter you will come away with:

  • Instant relief from acute issues
  • Joining the dots of what you already know about the inside-out nature of life, to see that physical health also comes from within
  • Taking your understanding of how the system works to a new level
  • A broadened horizon – changing your relationship to any health problems
  • Fresh thinking to make new sense of your body’s health

Cost: €175

We also offer three Realise Health Sessions as a package:
Cost: €450



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